American Power & Communications Group is proud to represent the industry leading manufacturers listed below. Please visit their websites and contact our offices with any questions, or comments you have.  Not all manufacturers represented in every state. 

Western Line Card

Smarter, better, cleaner energy solutions

Fiberglass street lighting standards

Galvanized steel wire & aluminum clad steel

 Fiberglass boxpads and enclosures

 Outdoor LED lighting 

 Howard Industries distribution transformers, voltage regulators, power transformers 

 Substation breakers and large power transformers

Energy storage and microgrid solutions for all applications

Staples and nails

Street light brackets and mast arms, equipment brackets, custom metal fab.

Fused pad cabinets, primary metering gear

Elastimold, Blackburn, Homac, Fisher Pierce, Hi-Tech Fuses, Joslyn high Voltage

High density polyethylene pipe